6 Innovative Tech Companies on the come up

From startups to high-tech companies to social media to artificial intelligence (AI), there are several tech companies creating buzz in the business sector. This post aims at looking at a few of those tech companies, and what they have done.

Deepscience.ai – There have been many exciting inventions in the field of machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of which is real-time computer vision. With deepscience.ai, monitoring small businesses has become more efficient and smarter. It makes good use of AI algorithms for surveilling your camera footage and it notifies a human analyst if any suspicious articles like weapons are detected. In addition to reduced security monitoring costs, it also gives you speedy response. It is currently testing with a beta in a group of Sunoco gas stations.

LightUp – LightUp is an Augmented reality startup project. It provides children with a smartphone toy known as Smart Lens amalgamated with interactive matter to help them learn more about programming and science topics. The startup uses a Google-cardboard kind of augmented reality viewer. AR software platforms like Vuforia make interesting augmented reality study material which the children can access with great ease.

Neo360 – Neo360 has built a mobile-optimized technology, which seems very simple to you, until you realize for yourself that it is unique. It has a touch-and-swipe interface, which allows you to change video speed as well as watch a video frame by frame.

Cyber Centric – Cyber Centric takes a unique approach based on enterprise security. It is a two-in-one software and hardware solution for firms. It is backed by Citi Ventures as well as ERA Accelerator. Cyber Centric functions as an AI engine for date which finds out and plugs data leaks. It is also beneficial for tracking down particular pieces of information and keeps track of employee data usage for detecting any threats, since it’s a part of its network visibility dashboard.

DefinedCrowd – For tech geeks, data science and ML are very interesting, but the problem is, filtering and refining processes required to build the data models for the purpose of training AI algorithms is usually a slow, tedious and manual process. DefinedCrowd is a startup, which provides data scientists software-as-a-service platform, which comes with workflows and data templates for automating and monitoring the time-consuming but essential aspect of the AI revolution.

Naava – Naava is the wonderful startup that came up with the concept of ‘smart green walls’ using a mix of hydroponics and aeroponics. This project is aimed at reconnecting humanity with nature. Naava uses a completely automated system of air ventilation and microbes controlled by ML. The purpose of the smart walls is to purify the indoor air. It also reduces airborne chemicals.

The Scandinavian company expanding to the USA. Lisnr – Lisnr is a startup project, which is also called the ‘Internet of Sound’. The Cincinnati-based startup developed ultrasonic technology. This technology is used for sending data over audio frequencies.

Are you a tech-geek? Have you heard of these products? Which one was your favorite?

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